Voters in Kaduna State, some parts of Nigeria expressed expectations from presidential aspirants, parties’ flag bearers, for forthcoming 2023 General Elections.

Written by on June 10, 2022

Some eligible voters in Kaduna State and some parts of Nigeria have expressed their expectations from presidential aspirants, who have emerged as their parties’ flag bearers, for the forthcoming 2023 General Elections.

The concerned citizens discussed factors that will influence their decisions, on Thursday, during the interactive session of Invicta FM’s Flagship Programme; Perspectives.

Some of them advised fellow electorates to consider professionalism when making their choices.

Others proposed that all aspirants should be given fair chances, regardless of their age.

While saying that the delegates have done their part, the callers during the programme, said it was now time for the electorates to vote wisely, be sure to peacefully carry out their franchise duties and also monitor the elections.

Aminat Rasheed

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